Understanding the InteliGlue IoT platform

Why another data platform

At the beginning we used The InteliGlue platform for specific projects only. But later we realized, that we can make it easy also to other companies to run their own projects based on the InteliGlue without making a complicated decisions, just start using it.

InteliGlue is unopinionated platform. We do not preassume how will customer use it. So customer can use any message payload format (e.g. CSV, JSON, XML, binnary, ...) and topic schema.

We design our platform that way so customer does not need to have dozen full time software developers to use it.

We believe, that strength is determined by simplicity and we love to make complicated things easy to use.

IoT Data and Management Platform - InteliGlue

We build and run platform for Internet of Things - InteliGlue. Easy to use, simple to integrate, secure for your data. We build (but are not limited by) on MQTT protocol , extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport. Let me clarify advantages of publish/subscribe architecture later.

Just create an Data Account, connect the MQTT client and publish data to InteliGlue. That's it. That simple it is. No matter whether you integrate the MQTT client to your sensor, actuator, field gateway or any other piece of hardware or even software.

Data get ingested into InteliGlue, we store them as you send them (RAW data) and you can subscribe or pick your data using REST API.

Common consumer of the InteliGlue

We do not limit who can use the platform, but there is an obvious target audience like hardware manufactures, industrial electronics companies, system integrators, asset management companies or very specific OEM manufactures who desire to connect their product seamlessly to the Cloud.

Connectivity independent

No matter if you connect your devices directly by wire or WiFi to the internet, if you use GSM, LoRa, Sigfox, IQRF or other connectivity to communicate your Devices. You can even combine your connectivities and ingest all your data into InteliGlue in one place. At the end you have heap of data, no matter what destination they origin from.

InteliGlue configuration - Data Accounts, Clients

You will get an access to our platform as an Organization, so many users can manage the platform from your organization. It is not bound to one specific user.
Inside Organization you create and manage "Data Accounts". Data Account is grouping unit, that represents a pool of "Clients", that can publish or subscribe data in the InteliGlue.

Data Account

Data Account is represented by its root name or token if you wish, that uniquely identifies it. Data Account can be configured to your projects or products specific needs in respect to data latency (how long will be data preserved in data sources / TTL).
Data Account is running on shared or dedicated servers. So if your project or product loads are very high, your Data Account can run on servers that are provisioned only to you.


Client is entity, that can connect Data Account from external environment e.g. your sensor, field gateway, actuator. Supported client type is MQTT. Client is entity, that will publish or subscribe data from the InteliGlue.
Each Client can be configured in respect of security, so you can fine tune access to specific MQTT topics (publish and subscibe Access Control List - ACL). For example you can configure, that some Client can only publish to the topic <Data Account token>/country/netherlands/field/354/segment/+. No other topics will be accessible to this concrete client.


Security is topic number one. We will not allow you to connect unsecured to our platform. We protect you and your data, so all communication is secured with industry standard TLS.


Each Client must connect using Transport Layer Security, that is in well known ISO/OSI model relational layer (5) above transport layer TCP (4), that ensures the communication between Client and InteliGlue is encrypted with symetric cypher. No one, that listens on the way can understand content of the message.

Integration with other systems or platforms

InteliGlue can be used as middleware for your projects. Collect data from your Devices, then pick them from one place and stream them to any other system or database you like. We collect RAW data at first instance. That means, we do not care of messages content or payload if you will.

But it is simple (and we do it that way) to take those data, convert them to information and process it for instance to specialized time series databases.

Do you use SAP in your plant and need to collect data to one system? InteliGlue is here to consolidate data from all plant sensors, no matter how they are connected and bring them at one place.

Real time vs. history data

We provide both, sometimes you need to catch a continous stream of data and analyse them in real time, make an alerts, do decisions right now.

Sometimes you need to look at the history and pick stored data in a batch. So you will use our REST API to get your RAW data.

Custom tools, rules engines, analytics

Sometimes all this is not enough and you need to do more with data. We offer our expertise to develop a custom tools for you, that will work with data in real time, create rules engines to process data, implement analytics and connect them with custom user friendly matrics and analytics dashboards.

Would you like to try it? We prepared a free account to InteliGlue, so you can touch it and get the feeling. Or if you are technical or developer, you can check our Developers documentation.